How to Obtain Membership

Southwest Ohio Trial Lawyers Association

Located in Cincinnati, OH, the Southwest Ohio Trial Lawyers Association (SWOTLA) is a plaintiff organization that is comprised of new and seasoned attorneys. Our members are united behind the same mission: We seek to preserve and promote an effective civil justice system for the citizens of Ohio, and throughout the United States of America. As practicing attorneys and legal professionals from a wide range of areas, we believe that our work, inside and outside of court, serves the public good and the safety of our communities.

SWOTLA Admission Requirements

Becoming a SWOTLA member comes with many benefits. Our organization encourages an exchange of talent, ideas, and resources between members. This is beneficial for new lawyers and even seasoned lawyers who are in need of fresh perspectives. In addition, our members enjoy free events throughout the year to celebrate legal excellence within our community and provide continuing education opportunities.

In order to become a SWOTLA member, individuals must meet the following requirements:

  • They are dedicated to the representation of plaintiffs in the areas of personal injury, professional negligence, products liability, workers' compensation, Social Security disability, civil rights, employment rights, or unlawful discrimination.
  • They do not regularly represent insurance companies, corporations, employers or governmental agencies in the defense of plaintiffs' claims, and do not regularly earn fees or otherwise benefit from the defense of plaintiffs' claims.
  • They are willing to share information, techniques, and experiences in the field of law in which they practice.

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Have more questions about becoming a member? We would be happy to further explain the benefits and process of becoming a SWOTLA member. The admission and continuation of membership is determined by our association's Board of Trustees.

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